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Biographie The Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds

Every day, groups of children are battling aliens, fending off pirates and searching for treasures – all from the safety of an indoor playground. Not only do these cool venues provide hours of fun and some respite for parents, but they provide excellent benefits for their development. What are the benefits of children using indoor playgrounds? You’re about to find out!

Indoor Playgrounds Explained

An indoor playground is an indoor commercial venue packed with play equipment, usually over multiple levels. The idea of an indoor play venue was born in the 1980s and remains extremely popular in the UK today. Most indoor playgrounds are used by children to climb, run, crawl through obstacles and have fun with other kids. There are many hidden benefits when children use an indoor playground, which we will come back to later. Most indoor playgrounds include cafes and can be a great place for parents to meet up while the little ones play. The best indoor playgrounds in the UK will include a soft play zone within the indoor playground. This softer space is used by early years children – and to keep the whole family entertained. You can now find indoor playgrounds for older children and adults too, such as trampoline parks and Parkour venues.

The Design of Indoor Play Structures

Indoor playgrounds are made up of larger structures, sometimes three or four stories high. These big structures must fit the specifications of the venue they intent o be used in, and as a result, bespoke designs are required. The structure will include different elements that challenge children in various ways. They may include climbing, crawling, balancing, twisting and problem-solving tasks. And modern designs now include interactive features as well!The structure is made safe using soft padding in key places and mitigating risks by setting challenges at the right difficulty level for target users. It is common for an indoor playground to create an overall theme, which transpires in the play structure’s design. For example, at House of Play, we have created bespoke designs that look like castles, ships, treehouses, tanks and much more. The biggest indoor playground venues will use lots of different themes. We have even made a humongous London city design before. You can see some of our work on this page!

What Are the Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds?

1:Indoor playgrounds encourage children to be physically active in lots of ways. For children to move throughout an indoor play structure and overcome various challenges, they must execute different compound movements. Their cardiovascular endurance improves, and they develop new moto skills requiring muscular strength. The child’s overall health and wellbeing are improved through frequent use of indoor playgrounds, and it can go some way to tackling childhood obesity and encouraging healthier lifestyles.

2:Indoor play structures demand children to be physically active to overcome obstacles and challenges, but they simultaneously demand that children come up with the best ways to overcome obstacles. This is even more true of indoor playgrounds that include interactive games dotted around the structure. Thus, indoor playgrounds are excellent to develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking and even creativity. And when they succeed, it builds confidence!

3:An indoor play venue is a fantastic place for children to make new friends. Don’t be surprised to see a child enter a ball pool and rise to the surface with a couple of new friends – and then go off to explore the rest of the playground together,Not only will these experiences develop emotional intelligence and social interactions, but they could be one of the earliest experiences of teamwork as they overcome tasks together.

Why Is Soft Play Important?

Why is soft play important? If you are a parent of a young child, you should hear how soft play equipment can help your child to develop in an array of ways. And there are even benefits for you parents too!

What Is Soft Play?

Soft play equipment is a genre of play equipment aimed at younger children. Specifically designed to help younger children to develop motor, physical, cognitive skills and much more.Some of the most popular soft play equipment is a collection of soft play items known as packaway kits. Together they can create somewhat of a small obstacle course for young kids. This helps to develop motor skills while also maintaining their safety due to the softness of the equipment in case of falls. But soft play is not just these packaway kits. It also includes soft play rockers, and shape games to develop problem-solving and independent learning. The best suppliers make bespoke soft play equipment.

Where Can I Find Soft Play Opportunities?

Soft play equipment is usually bought by nurseries, schools and indoor play centres, giving children an opportunity to enjoy the equipment every week. However, not all of these venues own soft play items and parents may prefer to take their children to soft play centres across the UK, When you hear the benefits of soft play, you’ll be even more inclined to look up your local soft play centre…

Best Indoor Trampoline for Home Use in 2022

Find the best indoor trampoline for home use, that is silent, budget friendly and the ones good for adults, kids, and toddlers, as well as fitness. Enjoy the bounce.

Indoor Trampolines for Adults

Indoor trampolines for adults provides a fun way to enjoy bouncing around while getting a nice workout. Many indoor trampolines are designed to take up little space yet good enough to provide a good bouncing workout.

Who Is This Product For?

This trampoline is what you want if you have limited interior space. The model can be folded when not in use which means you can save plenty of space. The legs are also detachable. As far as age groups are concerned, it’s safe to say that an interior trampoline with no safety net is not fit for kids (though it’s very low to the ground). This model is aimed at adults and also comes with the weight capacity to support them.

What's included?

Durable heavy-duty polypropolene rebounding surface.

Two resistance tubes with foam padded handles for upper body workouts.

Multi-functional electronic fitness monitor tracks: jumps/minute, workout time, total jumps, and calories.

Optic blue border to keep your workout safe.

38″ wide sturdy steel frame.

Use indoors or outdoors, comes with a safety pad.

Note: The resistance tubes conatain natural latex which may cause allergic reactions.

What Are The Items Of Amusement Park Equipment And What Are The Main Ones?

Amusement park are a park for children. According to the children nature, various Amusement park are designed to meet the needs of children. If you find out carefully, there are many kinds of related equipment in the country, with more than 100 projects. Operators must carefully select them according to the local The hobbies of the crowd choose advantageous projects to start, and what items of Amusement park equipment are worth keeping, this needs to be considered.

The jumping machine

What are the items in the Amusement park equipment? A kind of equipment called a jumping machine is used by many people to play. It tests the psychological quality of customers and is a representative of thrills. By binding visitors to the platform, it is instantly accelerated by gravity. Falling, this kind of free-falling machine is called a jumping machine, but it must be noted that patients with a history of high blood pressure, congenital heart disease, etc. are not allowed to play.

2:Bungee jumping

The Amusement park will design a high platform with a maximum height ranging from tens of meters to hundreds of meters, and specially made rubber strips that can free fall on the jumper for a few seconds. This equipment must be 100% safe. , Generally not for children to play, young people like to meet challenges, will become regular customers.

3: The roller coaster

Roller coasters are almost standard in Tiannanhaibei amusement park, and are also common in many theme parks. After amusement park equipment drives to the highest point through power, it suddenly rushes down through centrifugal force. The continuous speed and acceleration test people's physiology. And psychological limits.

4: The meteor hammer

The Meteor Hammer facility emphasizes scientific structure and greater safety. Visitors sit on the seats and tie their seat belts, and then they are repeatedly swung, which is very easy to create a high degree of joy in group games.

5:The pirate ship

Most of this kind of equipment looks like a tourist car, it can swing around a horizontal axis.The pirate ships in the country have ever-changing shapes. Some look like Indian tents, and some look like Gypsies. Caravan.

A Brief History Of Carousel Rides

If you can only get one carnival ride for your event or party and you want something that’s a real crowd pleaser, you can’t go wrong with carousel rides. The lights, mirrors, music and beautifully crafted horses and menagerie animals charm and delight young and old alike. The concept of the carousel originated with a game played by Turkish and Arabian soldiers. They would ride in a circle tossing a bag full of perfume back and forth. The soldier who missed the ball would be drenched in scent and would become the object of ribbing by his mates until the scent wore off. The French took up the concept and included it in a number of exhibitions on horseback. Among these was a competition to spear a ring that had been hung from a tree or post while galloping along at full speed. In order to practice for this event, young knights used a machine equipped with wooden horses on a rotating platform. The platform would be pulled around by a person or a live horse or mule. When it wasn’t in use by young knights in training, the carousel was a source of amusement for children and maidens fair.

In time, the carousel became a popular attraction at county fairs. Eventually, enterprising entrepreneurs design steam power driven carousels. This meant that carousels could be larger and heavier since steam engines are stronger than humans, horses or even mules. This opened the door to the creation of large, elaborate carousels equipped with horses, tigers, giraffes and other carved wooden animals that were truly works of art.

After the Civil War, carousels began to show up in the United States. The period from 1880 to 1930 was known as the golden age of carousels. During this time there were about half a dozen big carousel makers in the US. They employed master carvers to create the beautiful and whimsical animals that have made carousels such an enduring attraction. 
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